Juergen Hoeller. Meet the co-founder of the Spring Framework Project >>

Tim Bray, co-author of XML and XML Namespaces. Meet the developer advocate of Android and critical of Enterprise System-building >>

Kresten Krab Thorup, starter of the Erjang-project. Meet Kresten Krab, hacker, Trifork CTO, JAOO PC member, starter of the Erjang Project ... >>

And the winners are...: See the lucky winners of the exclusive JAOO Passion t-shirts >>

Google Conference Grant for Women: As part of Google's ongoing commitment to encouraging women to excel in computing and technology they announce Google JAOO 2010 Conference Grant for Women >>.

JAOO won the battle of the genders: Trifork A/S did nothing illegal, when the IT company chose to give women free access to software engineering conference JAOO in Aarhus last year. The Danish ministry of Gender Equality has just ruled in favour of JAOO. >>

Robert C. Pike, Co-designer of the Go programming language. Meet Rob Pike, keynote speaker at JAOO and the man who's software passion is "Simplicity is better than complexity because simpler things are easier to understand, easier to build, easier to debug and easier to maintain." >>

James Gosling, Father of Java. Meet James Gosling, who likes to build stuff, and created the original design of Java >>
Do you have trouble convincing your boss to let you go to JAOO 2010? Let us help you with some very good arguments! >>
Henrik Wann Jensen, winner of an Oscar and "Master of Light". Meet the Dane, who was honored with an Academy Award for his technical work on Gollum's skin in "Lord of the Rings". >>
Win an exclusive JAOO Passion t-shirt. Join the JAOO Team on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter before August 30, 2010 and enter the draw. >>
Dan Ingalls, Architect of Smalltalk. Meet the JAOO keynote speaker, Dan Ingalls, who has been working with computers for more than 40 years - and still is passionate about making computing simple, concrete and fun. >>
Academy winning Dane speaks at JAOO. Did you find "Lord of the Rings" or "Avatar" impressing. The JAOO Team is proud to present Keynote speaker Henrik Wann Jensen, the computer professor who invented Photon Mapping at DTU, the technique that was used to simulate the skin on Gollum in "Lord of the Rings". >>

Bill Buxton Keynote speaker at JAOO. For more than 30 years Bill Buxton has been a relentless advocate for innovation, design and - especially - the appropriate consideration of human values, capacity, and culture in the conception, implementation, and use of new products and technologies. >>
Program Committee meeting in Anguilla  In January 2010, while most of Europe was snowed in, the JAOO program committee were sweating in the Caribbean: not only because of the heat they were actually working hard to create this year’s JAOO conference program. >>
JAOO 2009 Selected Videos Online  We have the presentations from JAOO 2009 on video. Now we give you the opportunity to watch or re-watch the pearls of wisdom. >> 


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