Presentation: "Building a Pet Store that will Survive Cyber Monday"

Track: HOT SPEAKERS FROM BIG COMPANIES / Time: Tuesday 13:30 - 14:30 / Location: Lille Sal, Musikhuset

This presentation will provide a detailed analysis of the best architectural practices employed by modern large-scale e-commerce systems using Java EE-based applications to serve hundreds of thousands of concurrent users. Using a selection of approaches employed by major online e-tailers, this presentation will illustrate how bottlenecks in large-scale systems can be eliminated in the application architecture, and how a Java EE-based implementation can scale to support virtually unlimited users with predictable cost of scale and high performance. Topics include product catalog, real-time inventory, session management, order placement and customizable search.

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Cameron Purdy, Vice President of Development at Oracle

Cameron Purdy

Biography: Cameron Purdy

Cameron Purdy is Vice President of Development at Oracle. Prior to joining Oracle, Mr. Purdy was the CEO of Tangosol, whose revolutionary Coherence Data Grid product provides reliable and scalable data management across the enterprise. Mr. Purdy has been working with Java and Java-related technology since 1996, regularly participates in industry standards development and is a specification lead for the Java Community Process. As a software visionary and industry leader, Mr. Purdy is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and has received a number of awards in recognition of his contribution to the Java community, including three times being named as a JavaOne RockStar and being recognized in TheServerSide's "Who's Who in Enterprise Java".