Why Passion?

Passionate people care deeply about what they do.  In software, it motivates us to stay up late into the night fixing a bug or solving a new problem, to write books on a new concept/langugage or technology, or take a stand and debate decisions on product or software project.  Passion is visible around us via blogs, twitter, at usergroups, in opensource communities, on youtube where thoughts are freely debated, exchanged and shared.  Often times, passion is the strong enthusiasm for an idea and the enabler for the long hours and hard work required to "change the world", to fail horribly, or to make that "crazy" idea a reality.

As a motivating force in software development we find passion in software inspiring and are creating an environment at GOTO 2010 where everyone can exchange and share passions with one another.  Our program has been created with this in mind, and our speakers have exposed their own passions on their bios and will be doing so at the conference.  This year, we encourage you to be prepared and bring your passion with you to GOTO 2010.

Hear the Program Committee share their software passion: 

A conference is born: The Program Committee in Anguilla