Chris Matts, Strong in using real options, IT risk management, business value and agile analysis

Chris Matts

Biography: Chris Matts

Chris Matts was "lucky" enough to trip over "Real Options" whilst floundering in the dark trying to find a solution to a business problem. Chris has bundled together a bunch of other people's practices into an Agile Analysis approach that he then named "Feature Injection". He was involved in BDD and Kanban in the early days but would prefer to be remembered for other things, like being good Dad.
Chris Matts is programme manager with a strong background in business analysis and development. He uses real options and agile project management techniques (Lean, Theory of Constraints, Business Value) to optimise the delivery of business value whilst effectively managing project risks. He has a Masters degree in Mathematical Trading and Finance and a Masters Degree in Microelectronics and Software Engineering. Currently, Chris is a project manager at UBS. Over the past 14 years, Chris has worked as on derivative risk and trading systems at Royal Bank of Scotland, Derivative Fitch, JP Morgan Chase, BNP Paribas, ThoughtWorks, British Petroleum, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, Chase Manhatten (Pre Merger) and Robert Fleming.
Software passion: 
  • I'm passionate about delivering business value (options) to the business.
  • I'm passionate that we should only promote practice that work in practice rather than those that work in theory.
  • I'm passionate that people should be honest about whether they are a practitioner or a theorist.

Presentation: "Real Options - Theory and Practice"

Track: ATTACKING ORGANIZATIONAL COMPLEXITY / Time: Wednesday 11:30 - 12:30 / Location: Filuren, Musikhuset

You will learn about the theory and practice of Real Options. The practice will tell you the tools we have today. The theory will help you create new tools.
Keywords: Learning, agile, lean, last responsible moment
Target Audience: Anyone who makes decisions.