Gabrielle Benefield, Co founder of Scrum Training Institute

Gabrielle Benefield

Biography: Gabrielle Benefield

Gabrielle Benefield is an Agile trainer, coach and digital media technologist. With close to two decades of IT sector experience, working for organizations such as Yahoo!, IBM, CollabNet and PlanetOut.

Gabrielle has been very successful at organizational change, specializing in enterprise level transformation. She currently leads the Agile rollout at Yahoo! inc with over fifty teams using Agile methods worldwide. She is a certified Scrum Trainer, Scrum Master and Practitioner, and holds an MA in Digital Media.

Workshop: "Certified Scrum Product Owner - Gabrielle Benefield"

Track: TRAINING: SCRUM / Time: Thursday 09:00 - Friday 17:00 / Location: Trifork 3

Scrum is a simple but powerful agile management framework. Key to itssuccess is the role of the Product Owner: The Product Owner steers andguides the Scrum project, bridges the gap between end customers,business and development/IT and is responsible for the return oninvestment (ROI). The Product Owner combines the traditional projectmanager and the product manager roles in one person.

This two-day interactive course equips you with all you need to knowabout being an effective Product Owner. At the end of the class, youwill understand how you can leverage Scrum to optimise value creationand customer satisfaction. You will be able to create a realisticrelease plan, stock the product backlog, write user stories, andsystematically refine requirements. Additionally, you will know how youcan increase productivity, level the workload, and steer the projectproactively.

You can learn more about the importance of being an effective Product Owner here.
Each participant is trained to assume the responsibilities of a ProductOwner and to apply Scrum to optimize customer satisfaction and valuecreation. Audience
Product managers, innovation managers, marketing and sales staff,business analysts, project managers and ScrumMasters who would like todeepen their understanding of the Product Owner role and the relatedpractices.
Participants should be familiar with the basics of project andrequirements management. It is desirable that the participants havealready received some initial training or are experienced in applying Scrum. Participants are required to read one of the following books andwatch the following video prior to class:
  • Mike Cohn. User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development. Addison Wesley. 2004
  • Roman Pichler. Scrum – Agiles Projektmanagement richtig einsetzen. dpunkt. 2007 
  • Ken Schwaber. Scrum et al. Video