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Joel Pobar

Biography: Joel Pobar

Joel Pobar is a compiler and languages from the sunny Gold Coast in Australia. He was previously a Program Manager on the Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR) team where he worked on late-bound dynamic CLR features and API's, the Shared Source CLI (Rotor) program, Generics and Dynamic languages. He’s now deep in high performance high scalability .NET software for investment banks, governments, and Fortune 500’s. He is active in the .NET community, spending his spare time writing blog entries, articles for his favourite publication (MSDN magazine), and regularly speaks at Microsoft technology conferences.
Software Passion: Deeply inspirited by compiler and virtual machine technologies, platforms, hardware and software.


Presentation: "Smart Software with F#"

Track: MAIN STREAM LANGUAGES / Time: Wednesday 16:15 - 17:15 / Location: Lille Sal, Archauz

Google, Netflix, Amazon and more, are using smart algorithms that leverage ever increasing clock cycles, and a plethora of user generated data, to find patterns that derive value. They've brought smart software to the attention of the software development mainstream: PageRank, machine learning, support vector machines, classification techniques, search and rank, and more. We explore some of these algorithms and their implementations using a new functional programming language for the Microsoft .NET platform, called F#. It has features and techniques that make working with data and building smarts much easier. We'll start with a walk through of the language, then get right down to hacking out smart algorithms that you can leverage in your own software.
Keywords: Functional Programming, .NET, Collective Intelligence, Data Mining, Cloud Computing
Target audience: Developers who are interested in collective intelligence algorithms, and how functional programming languages like F# can be leveraged to build them efficiently