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John Nolan

Biography: John Nolan

John Nolan has over 20 years of experience at the forefront of technology. His career has been about changing the cutting edge into the bleeding edge: applying the big ideas and making them practical. From technologies such as objects, distributed computing and smart-dust through to process innovations like change management and agile software delivery, John has always taken a hands-on, "let's make it work" approach - delivering in diverse domains from finance, advertising, engineering and telecoms.

John is currently a partner at e2x - a consultancy specialising in system delivery. Amongst other things, John is an ACM Distinguished Engineer, a winner of a Royal Society prize for innovation and an international speaker on a variety of technology subjects.
Software Passion: Turning the cutting edge into the bleeding edge

Presentation: "The Need For Speed: Using Exotic Hardware For Application Performance"

Track: EMBEDDED / Time: Monday 14:45 - 15:45 / Location: Store Sal, Archauz

Many developers are looking to exotic hardware to solve their application performance issues: FPGAs, array processors, hybrid computers, GPUs. But what is the reality of the situation and what are the practical impacts of these technologies with respect to not just application performance but project performance?

This session will show practical results from a number of pieces of work using exotic hardware applied to certain financial calculation and processing problems. The intent is to help attendees will gain insight into the benefits and pitfalls of these technologies so that they can make better decisions when considering exotic hardware alternatives.
Keywords: High Performance Systems, FPGA, GPU, Optimisation, Hardware, HPC
Target Audience: Software developers who are curious about using exotic hardware. Project managers who might have exotic hardware solutions as an option. Technology Directors who are considering exotic hardware solutions.