Jon Tirsen, Senior Engineer at Google

Jon Tirsen

Biography: Jon Tirsen

Jon is a software engineer at the Google Sydney office working on Google Maps and previously tech lead on Google Wave. He has contributed to numerous open source projects such as for example Ruby on Rails, and Spring Framework. Before Google he was a founding member of ThoughtWorks Studios, the product wing of the respected consultancy.
Software Passion: It's incredibly fascinating building a system that serves millions of users from many thousand machines all over the world.

Presentation: "Scaleable Page Counter - A gentle introduction to software engineering at Google scale"

Track: ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN CASE STUDIES / Time: Monday 11:30 - 12:30 / Location: Store Sal, Musikhuset

How would Google implement a page counter on its front page? A simple function but it needs to run on one of the most visited web page in the world. This talk is an introduction to building applications for millions of concurrent users. You will be introduced to the key techniques of programming for large scale websites and the implications these techniques have on performance, availability and consistency. We will also compare to other well known websites and how they use similar techniques to scale.
Keywords: Scalability, Sharding, Cloud computing, Consistency, Architecture
Target Audience:  Software engineers that are curious about how it is like to build applications on Google scale.