Juergen Hoeller, Co-founder of the Spring Framework Project

Juergen Hoeller

Biography: Juergen Hoeller

Juergen has been the most active Spring developer since the open source project began from Rod's Interface21 framework back in February 2003. Juergen and Rod together continue to provide the direction for Spring.

Juergen has earned great respect in the Spring and J2EE communities for his energy, the quality of his code, his incredible attention to detail, and his huge contribution in Spring forums and mailing lists.

Juergen is an experienced consultant, with outstanding expertise in web applications, transaction management, O/R mapping technologies, and lightweight remoting. He has specialized in J2EE since early 2000, having held technology leader positions in various projects ranging from enterprise application integration to web-based data visualization.

Software passion: Breaking with established principles where necessary, while at the same time building bridges where possible.

Twitter: @springjuergen
Blog: http://blog.springsource.com/author/juergenh

Portrait of Juergen Hoeller

Presentation: "Spring 3.1 - Themes and Trends"

Track: SPRING IN A DAY / Time: Wednesday 11:30 - 12:30 / Location: Store Sal, Archauz

On the foundation of the well-received Spring 3.0 platform, the upcoming Spring 3.1 release introduces major new features for modern enterprise Java applications: conversation management, conditional component definitions, and dedicated support for the Servlet 3.0 and JSF 2.0 standards. This talk will provide insight into the latest developments in the Spring Framework space, in the context of current enterprise Java trends. The Spring 3.1 release is scheduled for general availability in December 2010.

Keywords: Java, Java EE, Spring, Framework, Enterprise, Web, Code-near

Target audience: Experienced Java developers with a basic understanding of Spring and an interest in upcoming framework trends.