Kati Vilkki, Nokia Siemens Networks

Kati Vilkki

Biography: Kati Vilkki

Kati Vilkki is currently heading Lean and Agile Transformation in Nokia Siemens Networks. She has M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Helsinki University. She joined Nokia in 1994 and has since held various management and development positions mostly within product development. She has also headed quality and process management teams, managed SW process and other improvement programs, driven operational mode development and been the change agent in many different projects. Starting in 2005 the most important improvement action has been introducing lean and agile thinking in large scale product development and in an organization, which has very traditional, water-fallish development  back-ground. There has been remarkably change and now agile development is the main street development mode in NSN. Kati Vilkki has also wide experience in organizational and leadership development and in coaching teams.
Software Passion: Truly delightful software is developed by passionate professionals, who are keen to improve continuously. It's all about the people!

Presentation: "Becoming Agile is HARD for a Large Organization"

Track: MANAGEMENT IN AGILE SETTINGS / Time: Wednesday 16:15 - 17:15 / Location: Rytmisk Sal, Musikhuset

For a large organization to become truly agile it is not enough that teams start using agile practices, changes are needed in organizational structures, management roles and practices. If the rest of the organization does not change, there is not much benefit from the team level activities. In this talk you will get an insight into the main changes needed and how to go about making the change happen. We discuss both patterns for success and failure.
Keywords: Agile and lean development
Target Audience: People interested in promoting agile and lean development