Mikkel Høy Sørensen, Program Manager, Sitecore

Mikkel Høy Sørensen

Biography: Mikkel Høy Sørensen

Mikkel is a Program Manager at Sitecore. He has held multiple architectural an development positions. But since 2004 his focus has been on Web Content Management. For the last four year Mikkel has worked closely with Multiple Product Teams at Microsoft Redmond, like .Net like Visual Studio teams. He is currently working closely with the Windows Azure and SQL Azure groups. Through the years he has be working on several project to create systems to automate website purchase, setup and deployment on hosting server farms. And with his latest project the Sitecore Azure, Mikkel is the first to create a full automated purchase, setup and deployment system for Windows Azure

Presentation: "Enterprise Level Applications on Windows Azure"

Track: HOT SPEAKERS FROM BIG COMPANIES / Time: Tuesday 14:45 - 15:45 / Location: Lille Sal, Musikhuset

Website is probably one of the most obvious usage example’s for the cloud computing. But what did it take to convert one of the biggest Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) in the world? You will be given an insight look to the challenges that Sitecore has meet, when they converted there WCMS to Windows Azure and how they have used the cloud to solved and ease problems like deployment,  elasticity and multiple geo location setups.

We will be doing a walkthrough on how to automate building webrole packages and deploying them to the cloud. There are REST API for controlling Windows Azure. These can give our applications or build environment the ability to maintain your Windows Azure. Making them able to scale our computing size according to needs.

There are multiple Windows Azure Hosting centers placed in the different regions of the world. And you can use this to greatly reduce the latency between our Azure application and the end user. We will be showing how Windows Azure makes it easy to deploy Sitecore installations all over the world.