Patrick Linskey, Java Persistence Expert

Patrick Linskey

Biography: Patrick Linskey

Patrick Linskey has been involved in enterprise-scale programming and architecture for the last decade. As the founder and CTO of SolarMetric, Patrick drove the technical direction of the company and oversaw the development of Kodo, through its acquisition by BEA. At BEA, Patrick led the EJB team in designing and implementing the WebLogic Server EJB 3.0 solution, and represented BEA on the JDO and EJB3 expert groups. He is a contributor to the Apache OpenJPA project.

Since leaving Oracle, Patrick has worked on a number of C# client applications. Currently, he is building content-centric collaboration systems at TaskDock.

Software passion: Bridging the gap between cool technology and users' needs

Twitter: @plinskey

Presentation: "C# For Java Programmers"

Track: MAIN STREAM LANGUAGES / Time: Wednesday 10:15 - 11:15 / Location: Lille Sal, Archauz

C# is Microsoft's mainstream language of choice for web and application development. It shares many similarities with Java, and offers a number of great innovations not yet available in Java. In this talk, Patrick will cover the C# language syntax and idioms from the perspective of someone familiar with Java. You'll learn about key similarities and differences between the Java world and C#. Finally, Patrick will walk through some great C# features, such as LINQ, function types, reified generics, and some of the places where it falls short, such as the ecosystem of third-party libraries and classloading.

Keywords: C#, .NET, Enterprise

Target Audience: Developers familiar with object-oriented practices and interested in learning about C#