Rachel Reinitz, Distinguished Engineer

Rachel Reinitz

Biography: Rachel Reinitz

Rachel Reinitz is an IBM Distinguished Engineer in WebSphere Services and Support and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. She has built much of IBM’s internal and external intellectual capital and education on SOA, Enterprise Service Bus, and Web services. Rachel focuses on how to get started with SOA and ESB best practices as one of IBM's top ESB experts. She consults with clients and ISVs on how SOA and ESB can be used to achieve their business and technical objectives. She is a frequent conference presenter and written many developerWorks articles on ESB and Web services. Rachel lives in the Bay Area in California, and enjoys hiking, socializing, and international travel.
Software Passion: Applying new technologies to solve customer challenges
Article: Kyle Brown and Rachel Reinitz: "SOA lessons learned for Web 2.0"

Presentation: "Management in the Large"

Track: ATTACKING ORGANIZATIONAL COMPLEXITY / Time: Wednesday 10:15 - 11:15 / Location: Filuren, Musikhuset

As a technology consultant for IBM, Rachel Reinitz has worked with many large enterprises on new technology adoption. The decisions and culture of IT management is the key critical factor in determining how successful IT is in meeting business needs and SLAs, rapidly getting new applications into production, and keeping costs down. In this session, Rachel's going to examine key differentiators in establishing excellence in IT management. She will provide IT management examples that range from a customer with 99.997 % availability, biweekly production pushes, and low staff turnover to a customer with 94% availability, no documentation on production servers and a culture of blame. You will gain insight and Rachel will provide actionable recommendations on how to achieve IT management success particularly around the technology adoption.

Keywords: Enterprise, Process, Management, Technology Adoption
Target Audience: IT managers and technical leaders will benefit from this talk