GOTO Amsterdam (June 17-19, 2015) is a vendor independent international software development conference with more that 50 top speakers and 500 attendees. The conference covers topics such as AngularJS, Disruption, Docker, Drones, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Microservices & Scrum.

Pascal Precht, Developer Advocate & Father of Angular-Translate

Pascal Precht

Biography: Pascal Precht

Pascal is a front-end engineer with a love for semantic markup and evolving technologies in the open web. He loves contributing to open source and is the creator of the popular angular-translate module.

Pascal loves to travel the world and speaks at conferences and meetups. When he's not busy preparing the next workshop or conference talk, you might find him outside with his skateboard.

Twitter: @PascalPrecht
GitHub: PascalPrecht

Presentation: Dependency Injection for Future Generations

Track: AngularJS / Time: Thursday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Administratiezaal

Because we think dependency injection is cool and that it makes life of all us developers a looot easier, we want to start off our talk by first understanding what dependency injection stands for and why it is such a blessing in disguise...and also because first things first
Once that is clear we can dive deeper into some existing implementations, to get a real feel of how it all works, and finish by looking at how these implementations are used inside the new Angular 2, by embracing the power of TypeScript annotations.