GOTO Amsterdam (June 13-15, 2016) is a vendor independent international software development conference with more than 60 top speakers and 800 attendees. The conference covers topics such as Microservices, Rugged, JavaScript, Post-Agile, Data, Spring++, Connected Worlds & Philosophy.

Workshop: "High Performance Organizations: Create Organization That Can Move Fast At Scale - SOLD OUT"

Track: Workshops / Time: Thursday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Trifork Amsterdam

This workshop is SOLD OUT

This workshop takes place on Thursday, June 16th
at Trifork Amsterdam!

Workshop location
Trifirok Amsterdam
Rijnsburgstraat 9-11
1059 AT Amsterdam

Large organizations often struggle to leverage software to create innovative products. A number of organizational factors conspire to create obstacles to moving fast at scale, including culture, governance, and financial management, and the application of portfolio and program management strategies that do not take advantage of the unique characteristics of software.

What You Will Learn
In this training we’ll discuss how to take a lean approach to developing new products and running large scale programs of work, and how to grow a culture that enables organizations to turn software into a competitive advantage.


  • Executives interested in strategy, leadership, organization culture, and good governance
  • Directors of IT, both for applications and for infrastructure and operations
  • Anyone working in program or project delivery, including members of the PMO
  • People in finance and accounting or in governance, regulation, and compliance who are involved in delivery

Prerequisite attendee experience level: advanced

Workshop seats are limited.

Barry O'Reilly, Entrepreneur, Business Advisor & Author of Lean Enterprise

Barry O'Reilly

Biography: Barry O'Reilly

Barry O'Reilly works with leading global organizations on continuous improvement using lean and agile practices and principles. He has been an entrepreneur, employee, and consultant. After several startups, his focus shifted towards the enterprise where he has explored the intersection of business model innovation, product development, organizational design and culture transformation.

He is a co-author of Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organization Innovate At Scale, the latest addition to the Eric Ries Lean Series with O'Reilly Media, 2015. He is an internationally sought after speaker and frequent writer for The Economist.

Barry is Founder of ExecCamp the entrepreneurial experience for executives. He is co-founder and Partner at Humble, O'Reilly and Associates. It's mission to help technology-led businesses innovate at scale.

Twitter: @BarryOReilly