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Bernd Herding, Senior System Engineer at Zalando

Bernd Herding

Biography: Bernd Herding

Bernd Herding spent half of his professional life developing code and the other half operating it. He led a combined support and administration team at Jesta Digital before he joined Zalando in late 2015, where he works on contributing to the open source STUPS tech stack.

Bernd’s main concerns are UNIX, tech stack building and user-friendly command line tools.

Presentation: Zalando’s Open Source Infrastructure on AWS with Docker

Track: Solution's Track Friday / Time: Friday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Hall 7

After Agile comes Radical Agility. Learn how Zalando, Europe’s leading e-commerce platform for fashion, has developed an Open Source infrastructure on top of AWS and Docker to implement their collaboration concept of Radical Agility. Pick up their answers to challenges like autonomy, compliance, security and transparency and get to know their toolset for steering 100 dev teams through the cloud at ease.