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Manuel Aldana, Senior Software Engineer at eBay Kleinanzeigen

Manuel Aldana

Biography: Manuel Aldana

Manuel is Senior Software Engineer and has been with eBay Kleinanzeigen from day 1. He's a firm believer in crossfunctional teams and does not only believe in "DevOps" but also in "DevBusiness".

Twitter: @aldana_geek 

Presentation: eBay Kleinanzeigen: Scaling a Site from Zero to Germany’s Top 10

Track: Solution's Track Friday / Time: Friday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Hall 7

eBay Kleinanzeigen (eBay classifieds in Germany) was launched in mid 2009 and has grown from a tiny to Germany's Top 10 site. Scaling from zero to one of the largest sites in Germany is not easy and involves a lot of technical challenges. In this talk, we will present how we evolved our technology, process and team-structure while growing. We will show how the architecture emerged to handle that traffic and give an outlook to upcoming steps.