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Torben Hoffmann, Architect at Basho Technologies

Torben Hoffmann

Biography: Torben Hoffmann

Torben Hoffman has been working with Erlang since 2006. Currently as an architect for Basho, previously as CTO of Erlang Solutions and before that as technical architect and developer for Motorola and Issuu. By day he is an Erlang priest, by night an Elixir alchemist and a Lego Mindstorms hacker. He has worked extensively with process improvement and people management at Motorola before turning away from the dark side.

Twitter: @lehoff

Presentation: A Time to Spark

Track: Solution's Track Friday / Time: Friday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Hall 7

The data deluge from IoT, weather and financial trading data sources means companies and developers must adopt new approaches to ensure they can not only manage, but also benefit from these time series forms of big data.

Torben will walk you through best practices on the technology landscapes involved including exploring how Riak TS is uniquely placed to drive results from these new forms of data that require a different approach to maximise results.