Agile from the Outside

Jesper Boeg
Track abstract

We all know we shouldn’t and yet again we find ourselves doing it time and time again. We spend so much time working with Agile methods and practices and we get so much caught up in doing it that we forget why. At some point we simply stop questioning it and suddenly we find ourselves pursuing the latest Agile buzzword without any thought on how this might fit our current context and if this is actually going to benefit our ROI.

In this track we will make an attempt to take a look at Agile from the outside and move beyond practices and the latest buzzword. Why are we doing it, how can we benefit from it and why is it important that we truly understand the nature and consequences instead of blindly applying practices and copying other people’s successes? Each presenter will dig deep into a specific area of Agile software development and help you to gain a better understanding of the reasons behind the principles.

Agile from the Outside
ROOM Falconer Salen
Day Thursday (12th May.)