Presentation: "Scala at Work"

Companies all over the world are adopting Scala, many of them for their core infrastructure and mission critical software. In this talk I highlight the reasons behind this trend. What do companies expect form Scala? What hurdles are there for its adoption? How are they overcome? What are typical adoption strategies? What role does functional programming play in all of this? And how does it relate to concurrency and multi-cores? This talk will address these  questions while also giving an overview of the language and the concepts behind it.

Keywords: Languages, Scala  

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Martin Odersky, Designer of Scala

Martin Odersky

Biography: Martin Odersky

Martin Odersky is a professor of programming methods at the EPFL. He specialises in code analysis and programming languages.

He designed the Scala programming language and Generic Java.

He was programme Chair of ECOOP 2004. In 2007 he was inducted as a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery.

Software Passion: Unifying functions and objects