Doug Wilson, Distinguished engineer and CTO of IBM's Lotus Software

Doug Wilson

Biography: Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, and Director of Development and Architecture for Lotus' On-Line Collaboration (SaaS) initiatives.  Doug is also Vice Chairman of the Architecture Board for IBM Software Group.  As Director of Development, Doug is responsible for the engineering teams architecting and building the next generation of on-line meeting and web conferencing services.  He is also part of the executive team building a new business model for service delivery within Software group.

Software Passion: Building software that delights the user 

Presentation: "Building an SAAS Business? Where's the software going to come from? Experiences in Adapting Software for Public Clouds"

Track: ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN CASE STUDIES / Time: Monday 13:30 - 14:30 / Location: Store Sal, Musikhuset

Cloud delivery of IT services, and in particular SaaS promise a sea change to the way business and individuals acquire and use Information Technology.   Particularly in SaaS, economies of scale from multi tenant infrastructures, and elastic business models enable more computing at lower prices. But where will the the new breed of cloud applications come from? Some will be "born on the cloud", but far more will be adapted from existing on premise application systems.     This talk examines the experiences, challenges and issues encountered as IBM adapted some of our existing Lotus collaboration portfolio applications to a multi tenant cloud deployment.   

From the talk you will come to understand many aspects of the technical architecture needed to support multi-tenancy self service management and  provisioning as well as the techniques we used to allow applications to be developed for both on premise and cloud deployment.   

Keywords: SAAS, Applications, Architectural Patterns, Cloud

Target audience:  Developers and Software Portfolio Managers who need to purpose their work for multi-tentant cloud deployment