Eberhard Wolff, Principal Technologist

Eberhard Wolff

Biography: Eberhard Wolff

Eberhard Wolff is working as Architecture and Technology Manager for adesso AG in Berlin. He is a regular speaker at international conferences and author of several articles and books.

Software Passion: Reduce. Simplify. Elegance.

Personal website: http://ewolff.com
Twitter: @ewolff
Blog: http://JandIandMe.blogspot.com/
Book: Spring 3 - Framework für die Java Entwicklung

Presentation: "Spring - Architectures, Patterns and Large Applications"

Track: SPRING IN A DAY / Time: Wednesday 13:30 - 14:30 / Location: Store Sal, Archauz

Spring's emphasis is on flexibility and choice - that is why a lot of people are passionate about it. It supports a wide range of Dependency Injection approaches and the support for Aspect Oriented Programming is very powerful. But even if you know how Spring works some questions remain: How can you use these features effectively? How can you structure and architect your (large) application with them? This talk will show some answers to these question - and you might very well look at Spring in completely novel ways afterwards.
Keywords: Spring, Architecture, Enterprise Java

Target Audience: Developers and technical architects interesting in principle for Spring applications