Thomas Martinsen, Bluefragments

Thomas Martinsen

Biography: Thomas Martinsen

Thomas is an experienced and reputable .NET developer with focus on Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone development. In recent years Thomas has worked with several companies and helped them to implement Silverlight in their solutions.

Software Passion: Develop software that adds value to the enterprise and gives the user a greater experience.

Workshop: "Around a Silverlight business application"

Track: TRAINING: LANGUAGES AND PLATFORMS / Time: Sunday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Trifork 2

Learn how to build a Silverlight business application targeting the browser, the desktop and the new Windows Phone 7. You'll learn to develop scalable multitier Silverlight applications and we will cover several of the new enhancements available in Silverlight 4. We will show how to build a complete webshop in Silverlight 4 running in the browser. To administrate the product catalog we will show how to build a Silverlight out-of-browser application running from the user's desktop. Finally we will show how to build a Windows Phone 7 application enabling the users to buy products directly from their phone. On the backend we will use SQL Azure to store the data.

There will be some hands-on cases as part of the tutorial. If you wish to participate in this it is important that you bring your own computer with the following software installed:

Keywords: Silverlight, Enterprise, Windows Phone 7, Azure, C#

Target audience: Enterprise developers interested in developing scalable multi-tier applications whether it's on a PC, MAC or phone.