GOTO is a vendor independent international software development conference with more that 90 top speaker and 1300 attendees. The conference cover topics such as .Net, Java, Open Source, Agile, Architecture and Design, Web, Cloud, New Languages and Processes

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Next up GOTO;

So autum i just around the corner and so is this years GOTO; conference i Aarhus. For me this conforence is a recurrent event at this time of the year and again I’m loking forward to some great days with a lot input and networking. To prepare the sessions I’m expecting to participate in this year, I’ve taken a look of each speaker description and also the headlines of their sessions.

One simple contribution

A conference it not only about the sessions. To me and I guess a lot of other people, a conference is also about meeting new people.


The Brain and the Computer

Who is Jeff Hawkins? Stephen Hawkins son? Hardly, but he did invent this thingy called the PalmPilot, which you may remember from a few years ago when the iPhone and android was pure science fiction. Since his days as a student Jeff Hawkins was fascinated by how the brain works. He wanted to improve computing by understanding how the brain works. The past decade he has dedicated himself to exactly this.
It is well known that making sense of big data is far from self evident for the computer. But how knowledge about the brain translates into better solution we have to wait for until Monday 30th of September where Jeff Hawkins will give his keynote on the Goto conference in Aarhus. This keynote is a great example of how the Goto conference remains on the frontier of what is possible in IT and technology.

Five presentations you have to hear at GOTO Aarhus 2013

"GOTO Aarhus is definitely the best place to get a feeling for the newest trends. If there was just one conference I would attend to keep up with what is happening in Tech this would be the one. It is also a bit like waiting for the circus to come to town (especially since the conference actually kind of tours like a circus around the world and the performers come from many different countries). So, like any circus there are some acts you look most forward to seeing. Here are my favorite five:"


Going bowling

I’m still kinda psyched here that I’m actually blogging! I feel so young and hip! And look I have actual thought! And that thought is the fishbowl. Now I’ve only experienced a fishbowl once before also at a GOTOCon and, I mean, right of the bat I like it. It’s like a game of musical chairs for nerdy people! It’s a lovely concept.


Agile at Goto; Aarhus

" As mentioned in my recent post being Scrum Master on a team you need some inspiration to help the team improve. My next source of inspiration is the Goto; conference in Aarhus. They have a separate Agile track under the title “When the agile manifesto isn’t enough”. Also the “Lean IT Enterprise” track might be of interest.

Goto; Aarhus

My viewing list: Roy Osherove – “JS Unit Testing Good Practices and Horrible Mistakes”, Rachel Laycock – “Continuous Delivery: Tales from Windowsland”, Eran Messeri – “What goes wrong when thousands of engineers share the same continuous build?”, Horace Dedieu – “What’s next for Mobile?”, Jeff Hawkins – “Computing like the brain: the path to machine intelligence”. And then there is all the other stuff going on – Fish bowl discussions, exhibitors, and of course the opportunity to network with other IT professionals.

Horsdal Consult

GOTO Day 2

The day is not finished, but I can already say I learned stuff today. I went to the two web security talks. For a while now I've gone to the security talks at the conferences I go to and it seems to me that the signal to noise ratio is generally low at these talks. I think that this is to some extend because both speakers and conferences assume that the audience sees security as boring, so they try to make security digestable by disguising it, wrapping it in gags etc. All of which risks to detract from the actual content."

Eyes Forward?

Over next couple of weeks I'm attending two conferences. Two very, very different conferences. The first one is the Software Architecture Open Space 2013 (SAOS) and the second is GOTO Aarhus. GOTO is big - lots of people, lot of tracks. SAOS is small - about 50 people, as many tracks as emerge. It will be interesting to get to go these events almost back-to-back. I expect the two to be very different, but I also expect to learn a lot at both.

Playtime: Riak, Azure, F#

"Sifting through the programme for this years GOTO conference one of the talks I thought I'd go see was the one on Riak in the big data track. This is not a new topic at GOTO. In fact I've seen several really good Riaks talks there (like the Riak on mobiles one, that has also been at GOTO). Each time I've gone out of the talk thinking "I've gotta play around with Riak! It's cool." This time around I thought I'd start the playing around beforehand, with the added benefit that I have a bit more context coming into this years Riak talk."


Constrained Innovation

"My experience is, that these constraints make people extra creative and, if lucky, there is chance that this bubbling creativity lead to ideas. Ideas which in the end, if even more lucky, lead to innovation and when the probability approaches the improbable it might also lead to business value.

At this year's GOTO conference in Aarhus, I am looking forward to The beaty of Constraints, Faruk Altes talk. My hope is that Faruk will enlighten me further on this subject or even better he will surprise by talking about something (completely) different."

Claus on Code

Attending GOTO as a Business intelligence developer

Back in my .NET developer days, like 100 years or so ago, I went to my first GOTO conference(Or JAOO as it was called back then). Back then, I loved .NET and anything that related to it, but that wasn’t the reason I went to GOTO. The reason for attending to GOTO, was to get inspired. Get inspired by all the different tracks, learning about what was going on with all the other languages and trends.

At this year's GOTO conference in Aarhus, I am looking forward to The beaty of Constraints, Faruk Altes talk. My hope is that Faruk will enlighten me further on this subject or even better he will surprise by talking about something (completely) different."

The Limiting Factor

Flexible Contracts

It was suggested to me to look into the concept of Flexible Contracts, a new approach to contracting for agile it projects championed by Gabrielle Benefield who will be providing training in agile practices in connection with goto Aarhus 2013.

GOTO Aarhus 2013 - ClojureScript

I put together my first draft itenary for GOTO Aarhus 2013. You can see it here. Fortunately the programme did not pose too many dilemma's for me to resolve, although choosing between "Obstacles And Patterns To Maximize Flow In IT Operations" and "Lambdas in Java: A peek under the hood" on Tuesday morning was a bit difficult.

DotNetNerd's blog

Gearing up for GOTO 2013

"If I am lucky and everything goes by as smoothly as last year I will look forward to doing interviews with Dan North and Douglas Crockford. Dan North was one of the very best speakers last year in my book, and Douglas Crockford has done some great work and seems to have some interesting ideas with new libraries he is working on."

My take on this years GOTO program

"In the spirit of being well prepared and with GOTO just over a month away it is time to look a bit at this years program. Personally I will try and get around and also pick some talks on topics that are outside my normal area of interest. I know you probably already heard this, but it pretty much always ends up as the talks I get the most value from.
Besides all the talks, I hope to have pleanty of time to socialize and to visit some of the vendors at the conference."

Ending error-driven development

Why you should allow your employees to go to conferences

While I can understand why some companies might have to be careful about costs, it seems to me that this is short-term thinking, which will cost them in the long run. Innovation within the organization tends to happen from people who likes to seek inspiration everywhere (and what are conferences other than a giant source of inspiration?). Conferences are, in other words, a great way to introduce new ideas and solutions into the organization, as long as someone who wants to go there, get to go. So, all in all, my suggestion to companies would be, that if you have a employee who wants to go to a conference, think twice before saying no.

This year's GOTO Aarhus conference

"Glancing at the speakers list, I see several great speakers among them. People I'd hate to miss out of a general principle, would be Dan North, Jez Humble, Dave Thomas, and Ola Bini.
Another thing I am going to spend my time on at GOTO Aarhus is networking. I think it is incredible important to take advantage of the opportunity such a conference gives for meeting your peers and the masters of the field. And GOTO Aarhus is especially good at facilitating this, throughout the conference."

Thomas Ardal

GOTO Aarhus 2013 Day 3

The highlights

The keynote. Unlike the two previous days, the keynote by Chad Fowler was really fun and inspiring.

Talking. I didn’t attend that many presentations today. Mostly because I couldn’t find a lot of interesting stuff, but also because I liked hanging out at the bloggers lounge. A lot of smart people are gathered there and discussing tech stuff with these guys is sometimes more awarding than going to presentations. GOTO is all about the networking, y’all!

The food. Actually it was not great, but since I’ve complained about the food the last couple of days, I better say that the stuff was decent today.

Implementing date histogram facets with ElasticSearch and NEST

I was attending Alex Reelsens talk about ElasticSearch at GOTO yesterday. Alex showed some cool features related to faceted search. I had only briefly played with facets in ES, why this was a good excuse to play around with it.


When glancing through the GOTO program this year, I was happy to see focus on how far we’ve come with agile development. I’ve attended too many presentations about how Scrum saved Company X and even attended the Certified Scrum Master course (mostly waste of time). I’m looking forward to some of the agile presentations at GOTO. I really hope that speakers like Dan North will be able to cut the bullshit and focus on what’s important and what we can ignore. Let’s get back to agile, folks.

My GOTO 2013 top 10

"It’s almost time for GOTO why I spend a little time looking into the program. Instead of listing what presentations I pick each in each slot (as I use to and change my mind later), I’ll try something different this year: listing what I think is the top 10 presentations."


If you are interested in getting insight on how to survive in a virtual environment, you’d might want to listen in on Mads’ talk at Goto Conference in Aarhus.

Agile manifesto and common sense?


On Ticket goto GOTO;

Whoop, whoop. I’m in luck. It seems I have found a sponsor for a ticket for GOTO;! Now that I dare hoping to attend, I have started to study the details of the program. One of the tracks has a day called “Distributed Systems Renaissance”, and that caught my interest, because distributed systems is a part of my day job.

Date for GOTO Conference is getting closer

The date for GOTO is getting closer and it’s still not clear if I’m participating or not. I’m still waiting to se if someone will sponser me a ticket or not. If I am going, there are some speakers I will be looking forward to hear.

Complexity is a matter of perspective

Meet the famous people

So there’s a conference in town, and you’re not going – but you want to say hi to some of the great people: speakers and attendees in real life. So what to do?

Who is on your conference conferring card

Conferences are for conferring – and meeting people. Looking at the coming fall season of conferences – whom of the speakers will be on your dance card for a chat. The list with a good portion of wish-full thinking and pixi dust, currently at 1½.

Align conference selection and business strategy

In most companies there is a budget to attend conferences, so we can work on how to apply the conference budget. But really if the company is true to the value of developing the company competences in software development and testing - you have to send people to the game changers (Lets Test, OreDev) and trend setters (Agile Testing Days, GOTO Aarhus).

Mentions in Danish 

Peter Makholm - Version2

Programmet for GOTO

Nogle emner vælger jeg fra på forhånd: Java, Web-frontend, Apple-teknologier og Microsoft-teknologier. Der er også grænser for hvor lang tid jeg kan holde ud at høre om forskellige agile-metoder der bliver udnævnt til "silver bullets". På trods af at jeg vælger store dele fra er der rig mulighed for at få fyldt programmet til konferencen. Og der skal også være tid til at mingle i gangene - det plejer at være noget at det mest produktive ved konferencer.

Deres udsendte blogger

GOTO konferencen i Århus nærmer sig. Konference-kittet skal støves af og tastaturet skal spidses. I år har jeg været forhindret til at deltage i en række af de konferencer jeg ellers normalt deltager i. Derfor har jeg måtte nøjes med at følge med fra sidelinjen ved at læse blogindlæg fra konferencedeltagerne. Det har fået mig til at overveje lidt hvad et godt blogindlæg fra en konference er? Så kære læsere, hvis I skal læse blogindlæg fra en konference I ikke deltager i, hvad skal de så handle om?

Therese Hansen - Version2

GOTO Cheat Sheet

I august satte jeg mig ned sammen med en af de definerende personligheder bag GOTO-konferencen og snakkede lidt om programmet. Vores hyggelige samtale kom der et cheat sheet ud af - en meget kort opsummering af GOTO Aarhus programmets highlights i mine og hendes øjne. Vi startede med talerne, fortsatte med trends og til sidst spurgte vi talerne om, hvad de gerne vil spørges om, hvis de selv skulle bestemme. Hvis du er interesseret, kan du finde cheat sheetet her.

Computerworld - Ole Gammelgaard Poulsen

Bliv en bedre app udvikler på GOTO

Med den øgede interesse for udvikling af apps til iPhone og iPad er antallet af konferencer om emnet også steget støt. Men indtil nu har der ikke været nogen ambitiøse eller internationale konferencer om iOS udvikling i Danmark. Det er der sådan set stadig ikke, men i år er der et meget interessant spor på GOTO konferencen i Århus. Med titlen "Modern iOS" er det lykkedes arrangørene at lokke en håndfuld interessante talere til den jyske hovedstad.

Native app-udvikling har vundet

"GOTO-konferencen i Århus har i år også et rigtig spændende track kaldet "Modern iOS" som omhandler natitive iOS udvikling. To af sværdvægterne indenfor iOS udvikling: Peter Steinberger og Drew McCormack komer til Århus for at tale om deres erfaringer med native iOS udvikling og den anderkendte analytiker Horace Dediu giver sit bud på hvad den næste store ting bliver.

Jeg ser rigtig meget frem til "Modern iOS" tracket på GOTO konferencen som i år afholdes d. 30. september - 2. oktober i musikhuset i Århus."

Michael Niebuhr - Version2

Innovation på programmet

Som jeg skrev i mit sidste indlæg, er jeg på vej Til GOTO med andre øjne. I sidste uge var jeg til et kursus, hvor jeg mødte en af talerne til GOTO, Karsten Telling, der skal tale om Innovation in a CMMI 5 company. De fleste sætter nok hurtigt CMMI og Systematic sammen, og det er også netop kombinationen her. Det der tiltaler mig ved denne talk (som jeg har fået en forsmag på), er de overvejelser Karsten har gjort sig, på baggrund af årene med CMMI-processerne og de senere års innovationsprocesser.

Til GOTO med andre øjne

"Sidste år ved denne tid, skrev jeg et indlæg om GOTO-konferencen her på Version2. Jeg var underviser ved Aarhus Universitet, og skrev generelt om studie-relaterede emner. Konferencen var for mig interessant, i lyset af hvad den kunne give studerende - f.eks. som supplement til et kursusforløb. For hvor er der ofte langt fra dyrekøbte erfaringer (i det private) til brede, generelle tilgange (i teorien). Jeg vil glæde mig til, at revurdere nogle nye og gamle teknologier på konferencen."

Henrik Knopper - Version2

Proces eller program?

Proces/sourcing folkene har hidtil fået hovedparten af taletiden fordi de kommercielle værktøjer der fandtes til automatisering ikke var modne nok og hvis man ville kaste sig over do-it-yourself automatisering skulle man have i hvert fald et par ildsjæle med denne sjældne blanding af forretningsforståelse og kode-evner. Et af disse sjældne mennesker (i hvert fald ud fra hendes korte biografi) taler på GOTO om integration mellem configuration management og automatiseringsværktøj.


Jeg sidder til daglig meget, meget dybt nede i tunge procedurer og komplekse systemer. Faktisk alt det Mogens Heller Grabe advarer imod i foromtalen til i sit indlæg på årets GOTO. Jeg ser frem til at høre om hans hippie-bus til enterprise-arkitektur og håber på at blive udfordret og inspireret, men jeg er også skeptisk [...], men forberedt på at blive overrasket. Og det er vel det man tager på konference for, ikke?

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