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Dave Sevenoaks, CEO of Spaaza

Dave Sevenoaks

Biography: Dave Sevenoaks

Dave is co-founder and CEO of Spaaza, an Amsterdam based startup that creates more personal shopping experiences that span online and offline interactions. He has a background in digital advertising and product management and prior to starting Spaaza was Director of Product Management for the Chinese focussed social network and photo sharing service GyPSii. He hails from South Africa.

Twitter: @dave7oaks

Presentation: Lightning Talks: Technical Showcase

Track: Emerging Interfaces / Time: Wednesday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Glazen Zaal

This session will contain several lightning talks which will demonstrate and discuss some of these ideas around Emerging Interfaces including:

Gesture-based shopping with Kinect and mobile

Mattijs and Dave dived into the concept of browsing an online catalog purely based on gestures. They will demonstrate the resulting prototype and present a short summary of findings.

Ian Hughes will also talk about the work he has recently done with Imperia College London to use virtual works to assist with patient management in a nearly full hospital.