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Bryan Dove, SVP Engineering at Skyscanner

Bryan Dove

Biography: Bryan Dove

Bryan is the Senior Vice-President of Engineering at Skyscanner leading a diverse team of more than 350 engineers across several offices in Europe, APAC, and North America. Prior to that, he spent time as an engineering director for AWS S3, Skype, and Microsoft building various enterprise and consumer products that serve millions of users. Bryan’s areas of expertise include big data, scalable distributed systems, changing companies from the inside, building and leading highly distributed teams, growing technology businesses and herding cats.

Twitter: @bdove99

Presentation: How to Lead Your Leaders — Upgrading Your Organization from Within

Track: Solution's Track Thursday / Time: Thursday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Hall 7

We’ve all had those experiences where the team has changed the way they’re working to be faster and more efficient, but we still have a boss (or boss’s boss’s boss) who doesn’t understand what the team is doing or how they are working. Whether it’s asking for the delivery date of something that's a year away when we’re running 1 week sprints with continuous delivery, or trying to explain that a huge spreadsheet isn’t what everyone else means when they say “big data”. This is totally broken and instead of getting frustrated and going somewhere else, we all need easier ways to help our leaders and our organizations continue to evolve and understand what we’re doing.

This talk will cover topics such as agile methodologies, big data, machine learning, continuous delivery, and experimentation and focus on how you can change your organization and teach your organization to understand and adopt modern software engineering practices. The talk will cover topics through a series of examples, metaphors, and lame attempts at humorous stories.