GOTO is a vendor independent international software development conference with more that 90 top speaker and 1300 attendees. The conference cover topics such as .Net, Java, Open Source, Agile, Architecture and Design, Web, Cloud, New Languages and Processes

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Go to the schedule for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. When you hold the mouse over a talking slot a star will appear. When you click on the talking slot the star will become solid - and the talk will be scheduled in you own schedule. To deselect a talk click on the star in the schedule for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and it will disappear from your own schedule.

Presentation: "Becoming more comfortable with the idea of failure"

Presentation: "Bringing Riak to the Mobile Platform"

Presentation: "Case Study: Riak on Drugs (and the Other Way Around)"

Presentation: "FamilySearch"

Presentation: "How one vision shared by great people can create phenomenal products"

Presentation: "How we (mostly) moved from Java to Scala"

Speakers: Graham Tackley

Presentation: "LMAX Disruptor - 100K transactions per second at less than 1ms latency"

Presentation: "Mature Legacy Seeking Sexy New Technology for Fun and Profit Extracting Gold from Legacy Code"

Speakers: Dave Thomas

Presentation: "Party Keynote: Cool Code"

Speakers: Kevlin Henney

Presentation: "Questions for an Enterprise Architect"

Presentation: "Shared purpose and the boomerang effect"

Speakers: Jon Froda

Presentation: "SoundCloud"

Speakers: Eric Wahlforss

Presentation: "Technology for Development: Failures, Successes, and Building a Global Network of Local Talent"

Speakers: Chris Fabian

Presentation: "The Guardian's Content Web API"

Speakers: Phillip Wills

Presentation: "Women and Technology Leadership"

Speakers: Telle Whitney