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Frank Buschmann, Senior Principal Engineer at Siemens Corporate Technology.

Frank Buschmann

Biography: Frank Buschmann

Frank Buschmann is a Senior Principal Engineer at Siemens Corporate Technology in Munich. In this position Frank is involved in, or responsible for, the definition and realization of software architectures for platforms, product lines, and large-scale distributed systems. Frank also serves as architecture reviewer, expert mentor of architects and architecture teams, and supports his division Systems Architecture and Platforms in recruiting, project acquisition, and technological direction.

Frank's research interests include Platform- and Product-Line Architectures, Software Architectures for Parallel Computing, Model-Driven Software Development, and specifically Patterns. In his development work, Frank has lead the design and implementation of several large-scale industrial software projects, including business information, industrial automation, and telecommunication systems.

Frank is member of GOTO Aarhus Program Advisory Board.

Frank is co-author of four volumes of the "Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture" published by John Wiley & Sons.Buy books here: Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Volume 1: A System of Patterns

Workshop: Seven Secrets Every Architect Should Know

Track: Training / Time: Thursday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Uni 3

Being a good architect is much more than being a smart designer. Proficiency in technology, design, and programming is an inevitable basis for their craft, but by far not not sufficient. But what is it that makes architects good and successful? What aspects and concerns require the architect's explicit focus? What parts of an architecture demand the architect's prominent involvement? How can an architect ensure that an architecture meets is functional an quality requirements and at the same time offers a high developer habitability to support its economic realization in an agle team?  In this talk you will learn about seven secrets every architect should know. Seven essential practices that complement your process and technical knowledge and allow you to guide and drive the design and realization of software-intensive systems.

Keywords: Agile Architect, Agile Architecture, Design Guidance, Process Practices
Audience: Architects, Senior Programmers, Project Managers