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Horace Dediu, Founder of Asymco

Horace Dediu

Biography: Horace Dediu

Dediu was an analyst for Nokia in Helsinki, Finland, from February 2001 to April 2009, with responsibility for Research in Motion.

He founded Asymco in April 2010.

Dediu also writes for the Harvard Business Review Blog and is often interviewed by other news sources as an Apple expert.[

Presentation: What’s next for Mobile?

Track: Modern iOS / Time: Tuesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Auditorium, AROS

    • A historical perspective on the evolution of technology - microcomputers to mobile computers.
    • Understanding the factors that drive adoption of disruptive innovations.
    • Recognizing the next disruption from patterns of previous ones.
    • How to resize scope of opportunity when the basis of competition changes.