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Martin Westergaard Lassen, Trifork

Martin Westergaard Lassen

Biography: Martin Westergaard Lassen

Martin is a software developer in Trifork. He recently moved to London to expand Trifork to the United Kingdom where he is working with clients in the eGaming industry. Before that he worked with authentication and medical systems in the Danish public sector.

Martin always have an opinion on tools and technologies and is very keen on trying out new things that will make us better developers. Latest Martin has starting exploring NoSQL databases and has become one of the Riak experts in Trifork.

Twitter: @mwldk

Presentation: Power use of programming tools part 1

Track: Power Use of Programming Tools / Time: Wednesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Rytmisk Sal, Musikhuset

Dan North: "Awk" sed Vi, "Ar" sed Ed

Thus begins an old, and sadly lost in the mists of Usenet, love story about Vi and Ed (who becomes her "ex"), told entirely in Unix commands. I had no idea when I started learning these arcane (guess how the "dd" command got its name) and cryptic (what about "grep"?) Unix commands how incredibly useful they would become over the next two decades. If your primary OS is Linux or OSX on the desktop, and maybe iOS or Android on the move, you'll find this 40-something year joke ("Unix" itself was a bad pun) has managed to embed itself into every facet of your technological life.

Being comfortable at a shell prompt and having a healthy working knowledge of Unix commands and regular expressions will give you a whole new level of capability. In this fun talk I'll introduce a few commands and shell tricks you should have in your back pocket, and show you how to start taking control of your operating system. If you ask nicely I'll even tell you about the production system I wrote using Makefiles.

Martin Westergaard Lassen: Typeless writing in a strong typed world

Java developers always tend to declare types themselves. Even when using other APIs where types already have been declared. Do we really need to do this redundant work over and over again?
This is an induction to my typeless Java coding lifestyle.

Russell Miles: The Pamphlet of Geb (Abridged), Part 2: Geb for Automation

Synopsis: In this lightning talk, Russ Miles will share his love of Geb as he shows how simple it is to use Geb's little-understood ability to automate tasks.