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Mogens Heller Grabe, NServiceBus core team member at Particular Software and Technology Evangelist at d60

Mogens Heller Grabe

Biography: Mogens Heller Grabe

Mogens is a Microsoft C# MVP and he works as a programmer at d60, a pretty
cool software development and BI consultancy firm in Aarhus, where he's
building simple solutions to complex problems, while attempting to reduce
the amount of pain that he and his team must endure along the way.

He has an unhealthy interest in rapidly building distributed systems in
enterprisey environments, which led him to build his own free (as in beer
and speech) .NET service bus implementation, Rebus.

Presentation: Taking The Hippie Bus To The Enterprise

Track: Architectures / Time: Monday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Rytmisk Sal, Musikhuset

Many software development teams have already realized that big systems equal big price and big risk, whereas small systems equal small price and small risk, so it is becoming increasingly apparent that we're better off building several smaller systems instead of a huge monolith. This means that your architecture will be sliced many times vertically, and each slice will probably not need as many layers as you may be used to.

This makes building each slice an easier and more lightweight task, but it demands that you have the right tools to "integrate the slices". In this session, we'll take a look at Rebus, which can be the glue that binds the pieces together. We'll take a look at three typical problems in enterprise software development, tie those problems to a real world setting, and then we'll see how Rebus with its reliable asynchronous messaging capabilities can help alleviate each problem.