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Peter Chitum, Salesforce

Peter Chitum

Biography: Peter Chitum

During a career spanning twelve years Peter Chittum has taught hundreds of people working at every level in enterprise software including developer, CTO, administrator, and even the occasional end user. After two years working in the technical training program at and becoming an active contributor in its growing developer community he moved to the developer evangelism team.

He takes pleasure in explaining to people why he, a Californian, lives in England and makes the undisputed claim of cooking the best Mexican food in the UK.

Presentation: Platform as a Service, Multi Tenancy, and Open Standards

Track: Open platforms / Time: Tuesday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: 2nd Floor Balcony, Musikhuset's platform continues to add new APIs, services, and toolkits as it evolves to meet the demands of the constantly evolving IT landscape. Learn how has grown from CRM SaaS provider to the leader in Platform as a Service through the performance of its multi-tenant architecture and by embracing open standards.