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Roy Osherove, Senior consultant at ITVerket AS

Roy Osherove

Biography: Roy Osherove

Senior Consultant at ITVerket AS, Norway, Roy Osherove is one of the original ALT.NET organizers. He consults and trains teams worldwide on the gentle art of unit testing and test-driven development. He frequently speaks at international conferences such as TechEd and GOTO.

Roy is the author of the book The Art of Unit Testing, and writes about subjects such as unit testing, TDD Team Leadership and agile development on his blog is at

Presentation: JS Unit Testing Good Practices and Horrible Mistakes

Track: Good JavaScript / Time: Wednesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Store Sal, Musikhuset

In this talk, Roy Osherove, author of The Art of Unit Testing 2nd Edition, shares common pitfalls in writing unreadable, unmaintainable unit tests in javascript. Some simple rules can keep you from tearing your hair out in anger three months from now, when things need to change, and you can see them all in this talk. more info at

Presentation: Power use of programming tools part 2

Track: Power Use of Programming Tools / Time: Wednesday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Rytmisk Sal, Musikhuset

Roy Osherove: Vim for Victory

Roy Osherove shows an important skill programmers should have: Basic ability to use vim, and understanding how it "thinks". This can come in handy in the future in many situations: from command line editing shortcuts, to remote ssh editing, to having an option when everything else just wouldn't do.

Trisha Gee: Top Ten IntelliJ Tips

In this talk, Trisha shares with you the top tips shamelessly stolen from everyone she's ever pair-programmed with. Learn keyboard shortcuts you never knew you needed, and dramatically increase the speed of your coding.

Ola Bini: Emacs for the Win

If there is one tool that makes me more powerful in my day-to-day life, it is Emacs. In this presentation I will show a few examples of why it's an excellent environment for programmers, and why it's crucial to understand.