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Sascha Bates, Automator of All Things

Sascha Bates

Biography: Sascha Bates

Before she became an automation junkie, Sascha built plenty of systems by hand. She learned exactly how well the claim, "We're only building it once," holds up. (Hint: you will always need more environments!) Now she is Automator of All Things and a DevOps enthusiast who loves to help developers make beautiful things.

Sascha has brought her blend of scripting and sanity to companies for more than ten years, across all levels of abstraction: bare metal, virtual machines, clusters, deployment pipelines, and performance optimization.

Presentation: Exiting Vacuum: Integrating Configuration Management into your Ecosystem

Track: DevOps In Depth / Time: Wednesday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Store Sal, Musikhuset

How hard do you pray when adding new infrastructure or deploying code? How often do you forget a step done by hand in dev and subsequently forgotten at each environment progression?

Happily, the question is no longer "Should I use configuration management,"  but "How am I going to implement a reliable system?" Having solved the question of what tool you want to use, it's time to ensure the rest of your infrastructure is ready to support you. Configuration Management can't breathe in a vacuum any more than people. Successful configuration management is part of a vibrant ecosystem. Failing to account for people, process and tools will make you (and everyone around you) sad.  

Configuration Management is complex. Depending on your current state, you may need to introduce it into existing infrastructure which brings its own set of challenges. We'll discuss the challenges in deploying a robust Configuration Management solution including build, testing and deploymen