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Lauri Svan, Lead software architect, SC5

Lauri Svan

Biography: Lauri Svan

Lauri Svan is a mobile software veteran with experience of co-founding two startups and consulting large Scandinavian corporations like Nokia. Having started his programming on X86 assembler, he has gradually moved into higher levels of abstraction, now working as a lead software architect in SC5, the Finnish HTML5 company. He likes to think his work as "software fireman" or "Mr. Wolf of software", sometimes being closer to "Mr. Bean". Within his life and profession, he works hard to keep the simple things simple and complex things manageable.

Presentation: Engineering HTML5 applications for better performance

Track: Battle-hardened HTML5 / Time: Wednesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: 2nd Floor Balcony, Musikhuset

HTML 5 apps have been accused of being slower than their native counterparts. Even if HTML5 apps will theoretically remain slower than native apps, bad engineering practices kill your application performance much sooner than you would hit the theoretical limits of a browser engine.

While the latest browser engines have been heavily optimised for better performance, the application engineering practices remain bad. Luckily, the tricks learnt in mobile and desktop application optimisation can be largely applied to HTML5 apps, too. This presentation compares the performance aspects of HTML5 and a few UI frameworks. It shows on how to measure the relevant aspects of HTML5 application performance, and gives tips on how to craft applications so that they remain fast.