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Big Data NoSQL Search

Friso van Vollenhoven
Track abstract
With modern computers becoming ever more powerful and with the world becoming ever more connected and digitized, there is an emerging opportunity to build solutions, products, platforms based on data. Whether it is smart, personalized, contextual searching, automated product recommendations, automated advertisement targeting or even log file analysis of your app servers; these kinds of applications are all Data Driven. This type of application, dealing with potentially large amounts of user or machine generated data, often requires us to rethink our building blocks and designs. Traditional relational databases are no longer always the best fit. Distributed systems are rapidly becoming the standard. Scaling out instead of up is already common practice. These changes in systems engineering require us software professionals to familiarize ourselves with a set of techniques previously not common to enterprise software development, such as highly scalable search architectures, platforms like Apache Hadoop, NoSQL databases and even machine learning subjects. This track is a mixture of machine learning, search, NoSQL and big data at serious scale and will bring you experiences and advice from practitioners around the world.
Big Data NoSQL Search
ROOM Glazen Zaal
Day Tuesday (18th Jun.)