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UX - Visibility, Usability, Graphics

Preben Thorø
Track abstract
Great features only come into their own when presented in the right way. An application is only complete when polished both functionally and visually. User experience is everything. In fact, it is quite simple: If the user cannot or will not use our application, we have lost! First 2 talks defines the right user interface based on a set of rules borrowed from certain psychology areas. Learning how the human mind reacts to visual input is key to obtain the needed and right user experience. You should understand the user’s behaviour rather than trying to change it. The next talk brings us even closer to the user: Based on Lean UX, we learn to bring end user feedback into the loop early and constantly. Only by doing so, we will succeed in building the deserved user experience. Building ‘normal’ user interfaces, we must make it as easy as possible to navigate from A to B. Building games, the goal is sometimes to actually make it as hard as possible to go from A to B. This is still good usability, only the context has changed. This is what next talk is about: Good usability is defined by the given context and you cannot define a proper user experience without knowing the context. The final talk takes this even further and completes the story: Next leaf on the evolution tree is wearables and user interfaces. Glasses, watches etc. really emphasise the context part of user interface development and we have to adopt completely new user reaction patterns.
UX - Visibility, Usability, Graphics
ROOM Hall 6
Day Thursday (6th Nov.)