Speakers at GOTO Copenhagen 2011

 Adam  Skogman
Adam Skogman,
Consulting Architect, vFabric, Cloud Application Platform
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Andrés Taylor,
Software Developer at Neo4j
 Arne  Roock
Arne Roock,
Lean and Kanban Trainer and Coach
 Bernd  Schiffer
Bernd Schiffer,
Agile Consultant at it-agile GmbH
 Brian  Foote
Brian Foote,
Software Ethologist
 Brian  Goetz
Brian Goetz,
Author of "Java Concurrency in Practice"
 Bruce  Lawson
Bruce Lawson,
Evangelist at Opera and Co-Author of "Introducing HTML5"
 Cameron  Purdy
Cameron Purdy,
Vice President of Development at Oracle
 Chris  Read
Chris Read,
Senior Systems Engineer
 Christian  Hvitved
Christian Hvitved,
Software Pilot at Trifork
 Christophe  Grand
Christophe Grand,
Clojure Contributor and Expert
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Claus Hjort Bjerre,
Development Director / First Vice President, Channels, Danske Bank Group
 Dan  North
Dan North,
Agile troublemaker, developer, originator of BDD
 Dave  Thomas
Dave Thomas,
Father of OTI, CEO of Bedarra Corporation
 David  Anderson
David Anderson,
Founder of APLN
 Erik  Doernenburg
Erik Doernenburg,
Head of Technology Europe at ThoughtWorks
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Erik Mejer Hansen,
Co-Founder of Less Painful
 Francesco  Cesarini
Francesco Cesarini,
Founder of Erlang Solutions & author of Erlang Programming
Developer Relations Manager Gian-Luca  Cioletti  Greg  Young
 Ian  Robinson
Ian Robinson,
 Jake  Archibald
Jake Archibald,
Helped Develop BBC's Standards & Guidelines on Markup and JavaScript
 James  Pearce
James Pearce,
 James O.  Coplien
James O. Coplien,
Agile Consultant
 Jan  Algermissen
Jan Algermissen,
Founder of NORD Consulting
Senior Developer Redpill Linpro Jens X Augustsson  Jesper  Boeg
Jesper Boeg,
Trifork Software Pilot
 Jez  Humble
Jez Humble,
Build and Release Principal at ThoughtWorks
 Jim  Webber
Jim Webber,
Chief Scientist at Neo Technology and Co-Author of "Rest in Practice"
 John  Nolan
 Jonas  Bonér
Jonas Bonér,
Specialist at Large. Founder of Akka and AspectWerkz
 Jonas  Jacobi
Jonas Jacobi,
Co-founder of Kaazing
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Jonas Maturana Larsen,
Co-Founder of Less Painful
 Keith  Braithwaite
Keith Braithwaite,
On a mission to rehabilitate the phrase "software engineering"
 Kresten Krab  Thorup
Kresten Krab Thorup,
Hacker, CTO of Trifork, GOTO Host
 Lau  Jensen
Lau Jensen,
Founder of Best In Class
CTO Agile-Team, PDC A/S Leo  Schou-Jensen  Mark  Seemann
Mark Seemann,
Creator of AutoFixture; author of Dependency Injection in .NET
 Markus  Andrezak
Markus Andrezak,
Mobile.de Chief Architect and Agile Evangelist
 Mathias  Meyer
Mathias Meyer,
Developer Advocate at Basho Technologies and Infrastructure Mad Man
 Mattias  Skarin
Mattias Skarin,
Kanban and Lean Coach, Author of ”Kanban and Scrum, making the most of both”
 Michael T.  Nygard
Michael T. Nygard,
Author of "Release It!"
 Mike  Amundsen
Mike Amundsen,
Focused on pragmatic implementations of REST principles over HTTP
 Mike  Hadlow
Mike Hadlow,
Enterprise App Development Specialist w/ Microsoft Tools, Author of WsdlWorks and Suteki Shop
 Mogens Heller  Grabe
Mogens Heller Grabe,
Agile .NET dude
 Niels  Sthen Hansen
Niels Sthen Hansen,
Trifork Software Pilot
 Ola  Bini
Ola Bini,
Language Geek
 Patrick  Copeland
Patrick Copeland,
Google Dir of Engineering; Saved Google 700 engineering years
 Patrick  Debois  Patrick  Linskey
Patrick Linskey,
iPhone App Development and Java expert
 Pawel  Brodzinski
Pawel Brodzinski,
Leader, Manager, Coach at VSoft
 Per  Nymann Joergensen
Per Nymann Joergensen,
Trifork Software Pilot
 Philip  Bauknecht
Philip Bauknecht,
CEO of medialesson GmbH
 Rebecca  Parsons
Rebecca Parsons,
 Rinat  Abdullin
Rinat Abdullin,
Technology Leader at Lokad
 Russell  Miles
Russell Miles,
Managing Director of Open Credo
 Sam  Aaron
Sam Aaron,
Postdoc Researcher at The University of Cambridge
 Sarah  Taraporewalla
Sarah Taraporewalla,
Senior Consultant at ThoughtWorks
Chief Technical Officer Scott  Rich  Simon  Brown
Simon Brown,
Coding the Architecture
 Stefan  Meisner Larsen
Stefan Meisner Larsen,
Trifork Software Pilot
 Stefan  Richter
Stefan Richter,
Founder and CTO of freiheit.com
 Stefan  Tilkov
Stefan Tilkov,
SOA and REST authority, innoQ founder
 Tom  Sulston
Tom Sulston,
Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks UK
 Tomas  Petricek
Tomas Petricek,
Author of "Real-World Functional Programming
 Ulf  Wiger
Ulf Wiger,
CTO of Erlang Training and Consulting
 Yuval  Yeret
Yuval Yeret,
Agile Coach at AgileSparks
 Tobias  Ivarsson
Tobias Ivarsson,
Hacker at Neo Technology