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When the Agile Manifesto isn't enough

Aino Corry and Troels Richter
Track abstract
Has agile come to an age, where the word "agile" is loosing its meaning because everybody and their grandma knows that this is THE WAY to do things. What if you need something more than the Agile manifesto? You have come to a point where you know exactly what to do according to the books, but you still fail. We have a line-up of speakers who, based on years of experience in a variety of domains, will share their findings with you on how to make software development work. Dan: uncertainty is a prerequisite in agile, maybe even a fundamental part, but how do you deal with it? Mads: how do you make distributed Scrum work? Russ: we know agile is supposed to make things simpler, why doesn't it? Shmuel: why can't we just do what we have always done, we love to create software for the sake of beautiful software? Karsten: whatever gave you the idea that innovation was the right thing to do?
When the Agile Manifesto isn't enough
ROOM Store Sal, Musikhuset
Day Monday (30th Sep.)