GOTO is a vendor independent international software development conference with more that 90 top speaker and 1300 attendees. The conference cover topics such as .Net, Java, Open Source, Agile, Architecture and Design, Web, Cloud, New Languages and Processes

Speakers at GOTO Aarhus 2012

 Adrian  Cockcroft
Adrian Cockcroft,
Director of architecture for the Cloud Systems team at Netflix
 Aino Vonge Corry
Aino Vonge Corry,
Retrospectives Facilitator, Member of Program Advisory Board
 Alain  Hélaïli
Alain Hélaïli,
Technical Director at Compuware
 Alan  Boykiw
Alan Boykiw,
User Experience Evangelist at SMART Technologies
 Alex  Bepple
Alex Bepple,
Developer and consultant with it-agile
 Alexander  Grosse
Alexander Grosse,
VP Engineering at Soundcloud
 Alexander  Schwartz
Alexander Schwartz,
Sr. Test and Release Specialist at Nokia
 Alvin  Richards
Alvin Richards,
Senior Director of Service and Enterprise Engineering, 10gen/MongoDB
 Anders  Hejlsberg
Anders Hejlsberg,
 Andrew  Elmore
Andrew Elmore,
Head of Development at C24
 Andy  Gross
Andy Gross,
Co-Creator of Riak, Chief Architect at Basho
 Ben  Galbraith
Ben Galbraith,
Ajaxian Co-Founder
 Bernd  Schiffer
Bernd Schiffer,
Coach and trainer at the leading company for Agile SW Dev. in Germany
 Bjorn  Freeman-Benson
Bjorn Freeman-Benson,
Software Psychologist. VP Engineering, New Relic
 Brian  LeRoux
Brian LeRoux,
PhoneGap project team, Adobe
 Brian  Sletten
Brian Sletten,
Forward-Leaning Software Consultant
 Bryan  Cantrill
Bryan Cantrill,
VP of Engineering at Joyent
 Chris  Anderson
Chris Anderson,
co-founder of Couchbase and an Apache CouchDB committer
 Cons T  Åhs
Cons T Åhs,
Keeper of The Code at Klarna
 Damian  Conway
Damian Conway,
Perl Boffin, Thoughtstream
 Dan  North
Dan North,
Agile Troublemaker, Developer, Originator of BDD
 Dave  Clack
Dave Clack,
Head of technology delivery, LMAX exchange
 Dave  Pacheco
Dave Pacheco,
 Dave  Thomas
Dave Thomas,
Father of OTI, CEO of Bedarra Corp., Member of Program Advisory Board
 David  Leibs
David Leibs,
Member of the "Virtual Machine Research Group" at Oracle Labs
 Dion  Almaer
Dion Almaer,
Ajaxian Co-Founder
 Dirk  Duellmann
Dirk Duellmann,
Storage and Persistency Specialist at CERN
 Eric D. Schabell
Eric D. Schabell,
JBoss technology evangelist at Red Hat
 Erik  Meijer
Erik Meijer,
Microsoft SQL
 Gabrielle  Benefield
Gabrielle Benefield,
Agile trainer
 Hadi  Hariri
Hadi Hariri,
Developer, speaker, podcaster and Technical Evangelist at JetBrains
 Ido  Flatow
Ido Flatow,
Senior architect and trainer at SELA Group
 Jaime  Wren
Jaime Wren,
Software Engineer at the Google Dart team
 Janne Jul  Jensen
Janne Jul Jensen,
Interaction Designer and Usability Specialist
 Jeff  Sutherland
Jeff Sutherland,
Scrums grand old mann - Co Founder of Scrum
 Jens  Østergaard
Jens Østergaard,
Co founder of Scrum Training Institute
 Jesper  Boeg
Jesper Boeg,
Agile/Lean Coach and Author of Priming Kanban
 Jesper  Mosegaard
Jesper Mosegaard,
 Jez  Humble
Jez Humble,
Author of "Continuous Delivery", Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks
 Jim  Webber
Jim Webber,
Chief Scientist at Neo Technology and Co-Author of "Rest in Practice"
 John  Cook
John Cook,
Research Statistician at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
 John  Davies
John Davies,
CTO and Founder of Incept5
 Jonas  Bonér
Jonas Bonér,
Specialist at Large. Founder of Akka and AspectWerkz
 Josh  Graham
Josh Graham,
 Josh  Long
Josh Long,
 Joshua  Kerievsky
Joshua Kerievsky,
Founder, Industrial Logic and Author of "Refactoring to Patterns"
 Jutta  Eckstein
Jutta Eckstein,
IT communication
 Karl  Krukow
Karl Krukow,
CTO, LessPainful
 Karsten  Thygesen
Karsten Thygesen,
CTO, Netic A/S
 Kasper  Lund
Kasper Lund,
Google V8 Team and Dart Team, Member of Program Advisory Board
 Kim  Dalsgaard
Kim Dalsgaard,
Independent Consultant
 Kresten Krab  Thorup
Kresten Krab Thorup,
Hacker, CTO of Trifork, Member of Program Advisory Board
 Laurent  Sansonetti
Laurent Sansonetti,
Founder, HipByte
 Linda  Rising
Linda Rising,
Queen of patterns. Author of numerous books
 Liz  Keogh
Liz Keogh,
Lean / Agile coach and developer
 Luke  Hoban
Luke Hoban,
Program Manager at Microsoft
 Marijn  Haverbeke
Marijn Haverbeke,
Author of Eloquent JavaScript, main CodeMirror hacker, prolific coder
 Martin  Fowler
Martin Fowler,
author, speaker, consultant and general loud-mouth on software development
 Martin  Nally
Martin Nally,
IBM Fellow, IBM Rational CTO, Member of Program Advisory Board
 Martin  Thompson
Martin Thompson,
High-Performance Computing Specialist / Track Host
 Matt  Dennis
Matt Dennis,
 Matt  Heitzenroder
Matt Heitzenroder,
General Manager, Basho
 Michael T.  Nygard
Michael T. Nygard,
Author of "Release It!", Member of Program Advisory Board
 Miguel Angel Pastor
Miguel Angel Pastor,
Co-founder, Onan Games
 Mike  Brittain
Mike Brittain,
Director of Engineering at Etsy.
 Morten  Jokumsen
Morten Jokumsen,
Software architect at
 Nat  Pryce
Nat Pryce,
Author of "Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests" and developer of the jMock mock-object library.
 Nathan  Marz
Nathan Marz,
Engineer at Twitter and the creator of the Storm and Cascalog open-source projects
 Ole  Caprani
Ole Caprani,
Associate Professor,Department of Computer Science Aarhus University
 Omer  Kilic
Omer Kilic,
Embedded Systems Engineer at Erlang Solutions
 Patrick  Huesler
Patrick Huesler,
software engineer at Wooga
 Patrick  Kua
Patrick Kua,
 Patrick  Linskey
Patrick Linskey,
Software Enthusiast and Collaborator at Cisco, Member of Program Advisory Board
 Pavlo  Baron
Pavlo Baron,
Lead architect at codecentric AG
 Renee  Hunt
Renee Hunt,
Head of PSP Technical Delivery at British Sky Broadcasting
 Rick  Falkvinge
Rick Falkvinge,
Founder of the Swedish and first Pirate Party
 Roberto V. Zicari
Roberto V. Zicari,
Prof. Dott. Ing. Goethe University Frankfurt
 Romain  Pelisse
Romain Pelisse,
Middleware consultant at Red Hat and Open Source expert for more than 5 year
 Ryan  Slobojan
Ryan Slobojan,
Developer with Tasktop Technologies, Member of Program Advisory Board
 Sadek  Drobi
Sadek Drobi,
CTO of Zenexity
 Sam  Newman
Sam Newman,
Technical Consultant at ThoughtWorks
 Scott  Hanselman
Scott Hanselman,
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
 Sean  Treadway
Sean Treadway,
Engineer, SoundCloud
 Sheng  Liang
Sheng Liang,
CTO Cloud Platforms at Citrix Systems
 Simon  Brown
Simon Brown,
Coding the Architecture
 Stefan  Tilkov
Stefan Tilkov,
SOA and REST authority, innoQ founder
 Stephen  Fink
Stephen Fink,
Research Staff Member at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
 Steve  Freeman
Steve Freeman,
Pioneer of Agile, Chair the first London XpDay
 Steve  Lucco
Steve Lucco,
Chief architect, Microsoft
 Steve  Vinoski
Steve Vinoski,
Senior Architect with Basho Technologies, Member of Program Advisory Board
 Sven  Peters
Sven Peters,
Atlassian Ambassador
 Torben  Hoffmann
Torben Hoffmann,
Product & Research Manager for Erlang Solutions
 Walter  Bright
Walter Bright,
Develops Compilers and Programming Languages